Yachad – Baltimore

Yachad is the only international organization that promotes inclusion of children and adults with disabilities in the broader Jewish community.  Because Everyone Belongs!
There are over 15 chapters across this country, Canada and Israel.  Yachad has summer programs, weekend retreats, and ongoing weekday events.  Baltimore Yachad runs weekly inclusive programming for individuals with disabilities, Juniors in Training (JIT) ages 3-9, Juniors ages 10-19, and Seniors ages 20-35+.  Yachad welcomes all abilities and all affiliations. Volunteer opportunities available.  For more information check out www.yachad.org/Baltimore or contact the Baltimore Yachad Coordinator at baltimoreyachad@ou.org.  Local contact for national headquarters in NY.  Yachad is part of the National Jewish Council of Disabilities, a division of the Orthodox Union.