The Women’s Law Center of Maryland

The Women’s Law Center serves as a leading voice for justice and fairness for women by advocating for the protection and expansion of women’s rights through legal assistance to individuals and strategic initiatives to achieve systemic change.

LEGAL FORMS HELPLINE will provide free assistance completing the Maryland Domestic Relations Forms for people who are filing a family law case without a lawyer.- Call 1-(800) 818-9888, Tues., Wed. Fri. 9am – 12:30pm; Thurs. 9am – 4pm.

Family Law Hotline operated in partnership with the Legal Aid Bureau, provides information to income-eligible callers regarding their family law questions.-Call 1-(800) 845-8550 M-F 9:30am – 4:30pm.

Protection Order Advocacy and Representation represents victims of domestic violence at protection hearings in Baltimore City and County and Carroll County Circuit Courts. Call: Baltimore City – (410) 783-0377, Baltimore County – (410) 783-0377, Carroll County – (410) 386-2440 Mon. – Fri.

Employment Law Hotline answers questions about rights in the workplace. Call 1(877) 422-9500 Tues. 9:30am-1pm and the first Thurs. of the month from 5-7pm.

Multi-Ethnic Domestic Violence Hotline offers assistance and legal representation to address the special needs of foreign-born victims of domestic violence. For Baltimore City residents call (410) 396-3294.

Judicare Screens cases and places low-income clients involved in contested custody cases in Baltimore County with experienced attorneys who provide their services for free to clients.Call (410) 321-8761.