NWCP – Northwest Citizens Patrol

The NWCP (Northwest Citizens Patrol) is an organization of over 500 volunteers who patrol the neighborhoods of Northwest Baltimore. The patrol’s goals are to reduce crime, safeguard people and property and build a strong, secure environment. The NWCP fields eight squad cars and one command car. An on-duty policeman rides with the command car. He gets out to investigate and make arrests when necessary. Volunteers never leave their cars to do investigative work. The NWCP is only the eyes and ears of the Police Department.

Patrol cars are posted at neighborhood events to make certain everyone comes and goes safely. When a patrol car spots a citizen arriving home, the car stops until the citizen is safely inside the residence. Patrol cars give special attention to homes where owners are out of town.

The Patrol offers advice on car locks and alarms and suggests security improvements to homeowners.

Bicycles are engraved and marked with a special reflective tape. If a marked bike is spotted outside of the NWCP community, the rider can be stopped.