Kibbutz Program Center

The Center is an independent representative of a variety of programs and opportunities in Israel for young people in the U.S. and Canada. Some of the programs are sponsored by the kibbutz movement as a whole, some are run by individual kibbutzim, and some by non-kibbutz organizations. The programs focus on Hebrew language education and on experiencing the unique society that is kibbutz. There are also opportunities for volunteers, students, and interested participants to take part in environmental/green, peace and co-existence projects and in social activism within Israel. The programs are:
Kibbutz Ulpan (Work-Study)
Coexistence and Arabic Study
Kibbutz Summer Ulpan
Kibbutz Volunteering
iTrack: Your Own Personalized Program
Kibbutz Peace
Arava Institute Kibbutz Environmental & Peace Academic Program
Kibbutz Environmental
The NISPAED-AJEEC Service-Learning Program in the Bedouin Community.