Hebrew Free Loan Association of Baltimore

Provides interest-free loans to eligible Jewish individuals to promote economic self-sufficiency.
Eligibility is determined by the following factors:
a) Need money for a worthwhile purpose
b) Unable to obtain a commercial loan
c) Can repay the loan over a reasonable period of time
d) Able to get co-guarantor(s) who own(s) property in the Baltimore metro area
Loans are offered for a variety of needs, including:
Business Start-Up or Expansion
Debt Consolidation
Houses and Home Repair
Immigrant Resettlement
Job Training
Medical/Dental Bills
Religious Observances
Transportation Needs
Work Expenses

Hebrew Free Loan Association is an agency sponsored by The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. Hours of operation are Thursdays 7:00pm-8:30pm at 5750 Park Heights Avenue.