Department of Human Services – Utility Assistance

Department of Human Services (DHS) – Office of Home Energy Programs (OHEP) encourages people who are eligible for help with their utility services to apply now and not to wait for a turn-off notice.

There are a few ways you can apply:

1)      Go online and apply

2)     Call the DHS call center at 1-800-332-6347 and request an application be mailed to you. The call center has recently extended their hours.

         Monday-Friday 8AM-8PM and Saturday 9AM-4PM.

3)     Contact your local OHEP office to request an application be mailed to you. Some offices will allow clients to schedule an appointment or come to  the office to pick up an application. Call your local office for information on available services.

If someone is struggling with a utility bill, OPC encourages people to call their utility company and request a 12-month payment plan. For those that are OHEP certified, they are eligible for up to a 24-month payment plan.