Baltimore – Odessa Partnership

When the Soviet regime collapsed and the independent republic of Ukraine was formed in 1991, 70 years of Soviet oppression had taken its toll — very few Jews in Odessa knew of their Jewish heritage and culture, much less how to practice their religion. Today, Odessa is a vibrant community of more than 40,000 Jews who now have a variety of Jewish agencies to support their needs.

There are day schools, synagogues, a kosher restaurant, a Jewish museum, a social services agency, Hillel, Jewish Community Centers, and this is just the beginning.

Through your investment in The Associated, you are meeting the physical needs of homebound Holocaust survivors who receive no government support. You fund summer camp and JCC programs that teach young Jewish Ukrainians what it means to be Jewish, instilling in them the ability to teach their parents and grandparents about their heritage. You build the institutions that have transformed this region in less than 20 years.