Services for Seniors Baltimore County Dept. of Health

1) ADULT EVALUATION REVIEW SERVICES (AERS): AERS is a state-mandated program which provides assistance to functionally and chronically disabled adults who are at risk of institutionalization. AERS staff conduct a comprehensive evaluation to identify home and community-based services that will meet their individual needs, enable them to avoid institutionalization, and remain as independent as possible in the least restrictive environment. Call (410) 887-2754

2) MEDICAL ASSISTANCE PERSONAL CARE PROGRAM: The Medical Assistance Personal Care Services Program helps qualified elderly, chronically ill, or disabled persons remain in their homes by helping them with some simple daily activities such as bathing, dressing, feeding, grooming, and toileting. Call (410) 887-3485.

3) MEDICAL ASSISTANCE TRANSPORTATION: The Medical Assistance Transportation Grant Program is funded by the State of Maryland and coordinates transportation services for Medical Assistance recipients who reside in Baltimore County, and who are in need of transportation to access medically necessary services. This program provides “last resort” transportation for ambulatory, wheelchair, and stretcher-bound recipients who have no other means available of transport to get to and from medical appointments. Call (410) 887-2828.

4) Case Management Program: The Case Management Program is designed to assist those clients at-risk of needing long term care services to remain in the community. The program is staffed by nurses and social workers who provide assessment, care plan development, coordination of services, and monitoring of those services to enable clients to remain in the community safely.