Baltimore County Dept. of Health Disease Control

1) Tuberculosis Program: For the purpose of diagnosing tuberculosis. When medically indicated, services include tuberculin testing, bacteriological investigation, x-ray exams and TB medications. Call 410-887-2711. No Charge.

2) DENTISTRY: General dental care for individuals 0 years through 21 years, 60 years and older, and pregnant women of any age. Services are provided at Eastern Family Resource Center, and Liberty Family Resource Center. Dental Access Program is a reduced fee dental service in private dental offices for those who are income eligible. Call 410-887-2780.

3) INFLUENZA VACCINATION CLINICS: Low-cost flu vaccination clinics are offered each fall. Call 410-887-2243

4) MEDICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH: a multi-disciplined group that monitors and enforces various laws, regulations, and policies enacted to safeguard the general health and well being of the public. Also provides information, guidance and consultative services on all programs regulated by this division to county, state and federal agencies, private industry personnel and the general public. Call 410-887-3663.

5) RABIES CLINIC: Provides rabies shots for dogs and cats four months of age and older.
Offered at multiple locations weekly. Call 410-887-7297- Option 2 – for an appointment and fees.

6) STI SERVICES: Provides testing and treatment for all sexually transmitted infections. Available at the Woodlawn Health Center and Eastern Family Resource Center. Call 410-887-2705.

7) WOMEN”S CANCER PROTECTION PROGRAM: Provides mammograms and GYN examinations for eligible clients ages 40-64. with no insurance, or have a low income. Call 410-887-3456.

Person ages 40-49 with family history of colorectal cancer, may also be eligible if within income limits. Call 1-866-Md-colon.